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This used to be the journal of a nursing student at a prestigious 4 year university that will still remain unnamed. This is now the journal of a Registered Nurse working in an Emergency Department in a major US city. All names have been changed to protect the stupid and the mean. There is no educational value in this journal, sometimes it will be downright mean and catty - this is where I come to vent!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Financial Aid and my Birthday

I'm starting this semester off great. Today was my birthday and so as a present to myself I decided to fill out my financial aid forms for next year. Hey what a great present! I found out that despite the fact that I am a drilling reservist with the US Marine Corps and therefore occassionally get a paycheck, my adjusted income last year was NEGATIVE! Yes, NEGATIVE. They couldn't even calculate an expected family contribution, I have to go see my Financial Aid Administrator. So I guess this means that I can take out more loans and then have to pay back more later on. Yeah me.

3 more days until classes start. Tuesday I am doing a ride along with the Air Care helo. This is what I think I really want to do, so I am really excited!

Update: There were no, and will be no, spankings. Real nice, Kevin.


  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Did you get a spanking? If not, I call dibs.

  • At 4:09 AM, Blogger S.B. said…

    If you choose to ignore Kev's request for first dibs I would be more than happy to accomidate you with the 26 spankings that your deserve.

    I promise to be gentle unless you say otherwise!!!


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