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This used to be the journal of a nursing student at a prestigious 4 year university that will still remain unnamed. This is now the journal of a Registered Nurse working in an Emergency Department in a major US city. All names have been changed to protect the stupid and the mean. There is no educational value in this journal, sometimes it will be downright mean and catty - this is where I come to vent!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It is almost over......

This is my last week of classes and one of my least favorite classes got cancelled.

Visual: me doing the happy dance.

We still have clinicals next week - but it is almost over as well. This week on the floor we had several meltdowns. Let me tell you, when a teenage girl flips out and the other teenage girls egg her on, it is quite the scene.

I have a group project due this week. I did all of the powepoints in an attempt to not have to be part of the skit. No luck. I hate doing skits in college. It is really stupid and a waste of time. I'm pretty sure that no other major (except maybe drama and they probably don't call them skits) do stuff like this. Would it be that hard to just give us the information?


  • At 6:25 AM, Blogger Sassenach said…

    OMG. I HATE skits.

    We were forced to have "skit night" during graduation week at Officer Candidate School to parody "all the funny things that happened." By the end of seventeen weeks, we were heartily sick of the place, the instructors, and each other. We had to make stuff up.


  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger Yolanda said…

    Ah, it is nice to see that all the services have the same events! We, too did skits at OCS, but we thoroughly enjoyed ours. We went all out and picked on every annoying trait of our entire staff. I'm pretty sure we were the only graduating company that was writing punishment essays the night before graduation!

    The skit goes down tomorrow. It is stupid, I will be embarrased. But it is the last day of classes, so I can suck it up.


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